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Shields Company ELS series lifting magnets offer the highest rated safety features such as a locking safety handle, safety bumper bars and 3x lift rating. We also offer the lowest pricing on the highest rated capacities! We use only rare earth magnets, the strongest available!

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  • Holding Force: Made from Rare Earth Magnetics (Neodymium), the most powerful magnetic material in the world.
  • Holding Power: The holding power changes depending on the attractive face, quality of material, thickness of material and clearance between the material and magnet.
  • Simplicity: The ON/OFF switch design is easy and convenient to operate and will not harm the surface of the workpiece.
  • Safety: The safety assembly locks when turned on or off.
  • Increased Efficiency: Move larger workpieces more conveniently such as machine parts, press molds, plastic molds, block steel plates, iron material, etc.
  • Improved Safety: Permanent magnets require no power supply, eliminating the hazards due to failure of wiring system or by service interruption.

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ELS-12, ELS-50 and ELS-100 Lifting Magnets


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Limited Length for Steel in Lifting Plates
Model: ELS-12 ELS-50 ELS-100
Length of Steel Plate: 24″ 64″ 80″


Lifting Magnet Specifications Diagram


Specifications    25.4mm = 1″    1kg = 2.2lbs    sizes in mm
Model Capacity Dimension Safety
Net Weight
A B C A1 B1
ELS-12 120kg 264lbs 145 77 100 176 150 X3 8kgs 18lbs
ELS-50 500kg 1100lbs 190 155 265 240 260 50kgs 110lbs
ELS-100 1000kg 2200lbs 295 180 305 335 310 98kgs 216lbs


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